We offer setting up (or sales) of companies in various states around the world.

What is an offshore company?

Tax optimisation – the profits of an offshore company are taxed at a minimum, and dividends are generally not taxed at all.

Anonymity of ownership – an offshore company makes it possible to conceal the identity of the company owner.

Heightened prestige – an offshore company can be a member of the Czech company, providing the Czech company with an international image.

Fees have to be paid every year for the management of the company – registered office, nominee services, etc. (if the client fails to pay this fee, it might happen that the company is dissolved)

The complexity (impossibility) of setting up an account in the Czech Republic – most banks in the Czech Republic will not open accounts for offshore companies

Where can you obtain an offshore company?

What is the procedure involved in setting up (buying) an offshore company?



The whole process should begin with you talking to our expert, after which you can decide whether an offshore company is the right move for you, and if so where.


Preparing documentation

We prepare the required documentation for signing based on your requirements.


Sending documentation to the relevant place

We have a contact in each country in which we offer offshore companies. We work together with this contact, who helps us with the setting-up process in situ.


Handing over documents to the client’s company

Documents relating to the offshore company will arrive within around three weeks of the initial meeting and we will pass these on to the client right away. This brings the process of setting-up / selling the company to an end.

The price of an offshore company and what it includes

Companies within the EU


Companies outside the EU